Specialist Resource Provision

The Specialist Resource Provision at Lime Tree School is an important part of our school community. The school has a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 unit. The pupils all have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and have been placed by the Local Authority (teachers/school staff are not in charge of placement.).  The provision has capacity for twenty one students from Reception age to Year 6. The adult to student ratio is 3:1 and we have access to speech and language as well as occupational therapy support.  Excellent practice by our SRP teachers is shared through outreach work in the local area as well as throughout the school, supporting teachers with Special Needs (SEN) students in the classroom.  This approach thus benefits the full diversity of learners that make up Lime Tree Primary.

Aims of Specialist Resource Provision

·         Feel secure in the school environment and have trusting and friendly relationships with staff and peers.

·         To develop their skills and interests in a purposeful and enjoyable way.

 To develop independence we want our students to:

·         Access and enjoy learning.

·         Be confident and proud of who they are.

·         To build independence and life skills to enable them to live happily.

·         To become aware of how to self-regulate emotions

·         To be able to communicate wants and needs with others

 The classrooms are designed to reflect the National Autistic Society SPELL framework:

·         Structure

·         Positive approaches

·         Empathy

·         Low arousal

·         Links

The specialist approaches that we use to achieve our vision include the TEACCH approach, SPELL, PECS, Makaton, Attention Autism, colourful semantics, the narrative programme, social stories, social thinking, Lego Therapy and intensive interaction.