Vision, Ethos & Values

Vision Statement

Lime Tree Primary is a school with health at the centre of all that we do - Healthy Body, Healthy Brain, Healthy Heart. We promote all of our school community - children and adults - to be responsible, aspirational and successful lifelong learners and nurture them to become confident and resilient individuals. Our learner driven culture is underpinned by research-based pedagogy, meaning teaching and learning is continually developing and improving.

We cherish kindness and seek to ensure this is shown and experienced by everyone at Lime Tree and motivate our learners to grow into their compassionate best selves.

We are a respectful, inclusive community, embracing diversity, equality and individuality.

Lime Tree Ethos

Healthy Body, Brain & Heart

Lime Tree Values

respect; kindness; happiness; equality; compassion; and resilience

Lime Tree Rights

Right to learn; Right to be safe; Right to be treated with dignity & respect