Attendance and Punctuality


School attendance is central to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils can fulfil their potential. The government has set a target of 95% attendance for all pupils. This rate allows for periods of illness or particular circumstances when absence from schools is unavoidable. We want your child to attend school regularly as this supports their learning.

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Authorised and Unauthorised Absence

The school can only authorise absences in the following circumstances:

Please try to arrange all medical appointments during holiday times or out of school hours. 

If you cannot make doctor or dentist appointments out of school hours, wherever possible the child should come to school before the appointment and return to school afterwards. Please also notify the school office in advance and provide an appointment letter or written confirmation.

Family holidays during the school term will not be authorised.

Requesting Absence for Exceptional Circumstances

If you wish your child to be absent from school for any exceptional circumstances, please complete a Leave of Absence Request form at least 2 weeks beforehand; this will be reviewed by the Headteacher. 

Please note that regardless of whether an absence is authorised or not, it will always affect your child's attendance percentage.  Authorisation simply means that our Education Welfare Officer would refrain from taking action regarding that particular absence. 

Unplanned Absences

 If your child is absent for any reason, please contact the school office immediately on 0208 390 9544 or via email.  

If your child is unwell, please provide details of the illness and your child's full name and class. Parents will need to keep the school informed daily if the absence is to continue.

An explanation of your child's absence may be required on return to school.  

Why is attending school regularly important?

Key attendance facts


Arrival at School

The school gates open at 8.35am for all classes and close at 8.45am.

Children should go straight to their classroom for the morning register and to start their learning for the day.


The school gates will close promptly at the relevant times. If you arrive after 8.45am please enter the school via the office and sign your child in as "late" on the computer terminal. The morning registration for late pupils closes at 9.30am; a late arrival after this time will be recorded as unauthorised and will impact your child's attendance for that day by 50%.

We strongly encourage prompt arrival to school at all times; this morning routine sets good life expectations and enables your child to not miss out on any learning.

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