Performance and SATs Results

At Lime Tree Primary School, levels of attainment and progress have increased since our Ofsted inspection and our school improvement priorities are focused on raising standards still further.

Achievement and School Improvement

Academic ‘achievement’ is measured by a combination of ‘attainment’ (the areas of the age-related national curriculum band in which a child is secure) and ‘progress’ (the measure of improvement a child has made, relative to his/her starting point).

Our own internal data for 2021, collected just like GCSEs and A levels results (using teacher assessment and previous 2019 papers) shows what have we achieved since our last inspection in 2018-19:

Attainment now in line with all schools compared with 2019 national data (a measure of a ‘good’ school):

Recognition from the Local Authority that we are well on the way to addressing all of the areas needing improvement identified in the last inspection (Teaching and Learning Review May 2021):

Nationally, writing and early years have noted the greatest impact during the pandemic and Lime Tree is focusing on accelerating progress to pre-covid standards.  Using national catch up funding, we are doing this by:

Please note that this is not current. National Curriculum assessments did not take place in Summer 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, therefore we do not have SATs data for 2019-20.

Comparison with Other Schools

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