Keeping Children Safe

At Lime Tree Primary, the health and safety of all children is of paramount importance. Parents expect school to be a safe environment in which their children can flourish. We ensure that this expectation becomes reality. To do this, a wide range of measures are in place including policies for:

Are you worried about a child?

This could be a worry about:

Please speak to one of our Safeguarding Leads (see below) about your worry.  If this is not possible, please call the School Office on 020 8390 9544 or email  

Please state that it is a safeguarding concern.

You can also contact the Single Point of Access (SPA).  SPA is a multiagency team managed (in Kingston) by Achieving for Children.  The team works with a wide range of people and agencies to offer different levels of support.  Please see the contact details below:

If you are worried that an adult who works with children has (or could) cause them harm, please contact the LADO service on 07774 332 675 or email

As a school, we teach e-safety and give children the necessary information they need to stay safe online and to act responsibly in such virtual communities.  Parents and care-givers also have a vital role in helping prepare their children to go online before they start to use social media platforms, as well as monitoring responsible use of these on a regular basis.  Together you can look at the key things they need to know about staying safe online, critical thinking,. and the safety settings available.  

Below is a guide to to help you set parental safeguards on your child's devices.  Information about popular media platforms and age restrictions can be found on the NSPCC website.

Parental safeguards v1.5.pdf

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mike Flowers - Deputy Head 

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Samuel Hanes

Parent Governor

Designated Governor for Safeguarding/Child Protection

Sue Hawker - Headteacher

 Safeguarding Lead

Marc Lowery - Assistant Head

Safeguarding Lead

Helen Broers - Assistant Head

Safeguarding Lead

Jordan Brodie - Clubhouse 

Safeguarding Lead