Remote Learning

In line with Government guidance, we have developed contingency plans for blended and remote learning, should our pupils need to access this due to having to self-isolate. We aim to ensure that there is alignment as far as possible between face-to-face and remote education, so that should pupils need to self-isolate, they can transition smoothly back into the classroom having followed the same curriculum sequence and content as their peers.

Years 1 - 6

For Years 1 to 6 the school uses Google Classroom to communicate with children home schooling, and holds live lessons on Google Meet.

All children at home, providing they are well, are required to attend remote learning and this is monitored on a daily basis by the teaching staff and if necessary, the Senior Leadership.

How to access Google Classroom from home:

Copy of Parent Guide - How to access Google Classroom from home

To join a Google Meet, click on the class name on the left hand side, and either click on the link under the class name or find the link in the communication from the teacher in the below chat section. You will then be transferred to the Google Meet page. You will then click on the Join the Meet button at the given time.


Reception children learning from home are using Tapestry.  When your child started in Reception you would have been sent a link to be able to set up your account and log in. If you haven't been able to access Tapestry please speak to your child's class teacher.

WEB Tapestry-Guide-for-parents-2.pdf