At Lime Tree Primary School, we believe that all children should have a good understanding of the world they live in and feel part of their community. In our school, Music brings our community together and provides opportunities for all children to sing, play, create and perform. They also have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on different forms of music. 

Through the fantastic resource 'Charanga Musical School Scheme', children are given the opportunity to listen to and appreciate a variety of music styles, including Pop, Old-School Hip Hop, Rock and Reggae, where they will also learn the history and understand the meaning behind a variety of songs. Due to Charanga being a repetition-based approach to learning, the same musical concept is revisited enabling a more secure, deeper understanding of musical skills. 

This approach also supports children's confidence in using the key vocabulary taught unit upon unit, year after year. 

Each Unit taught focus on the key strands of musical learning below:

1. Listening and Appraising 

2. Musical Activities 

3. Performing 

 As part of Kingston's Wider Opportunity Programme, all children in Year Four learn to play a percussion instrument. 

We also enjoy offering peripatetic lessons through Kingston's Music Service, with children currently learning to play the piano.​

While also taught as a stand-alone lesson, Music can be integrated into almost every subject of the curriculum, for example, creating a piece of artwork based on a piece of music, counting, doubling and halving in Maths or learning songs to support knowledge in other subjects. 

Successful musicians will leave Lime Tree Primary School as confident and creative individuals who have the skill to be able to play at least one musical instrument, having developed their self-esteem and giving them a sense of achievement too.

Online Resources

Click here to see some of the many excellent resources online that you can access from home to support and enrich your child's learning.

Kingston Music Service (KMS) is the lead organisation for the Kingston Music Education Hub which is funded by Arts Council England. The service provides instrumental and vocal music lessons to young people in Kingston’s schools and music centres. We are very lucky at Lime Tree to be one of the schools KMS tutors teach at.

If you would like your child to learn an instrument, please contact KMS directly either by email at or by telephone on 020 8547 5050.

EYFS Milestones

By the end of Reception, I will be able to:

Year 1 Milestones

By the end of Year 1, I will be able to:

Year 2 Milestones

By the end of Year 2, I will be able to:

Year 3 Milestones

By the end of Year 3, I will be able to:

Year 4 Milestones

By the end of Year 4, I will be able to:

Year 5 Milestones

By the end of Year 5, I will be able to:

Year 6 Milestones

By the end of Year 6, I will be able to: