Hot Lunches

Lime Tree provides hot meals which are cooked onsite every day and follow the government guidelines.

The school uses a company called Harrison. Lunches need to be ordered and paid for in advance via the school's communication system ParentPay. The cost of a school lunch is £2.50.

All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals but parents will still need to order them in advance if they wish their child to have a lunch.

Children who are entitled to a free school meal can have a hot meal provided by the local authority. The administration of this is carried out in as sensitive manner as possible for the children concerned. If you have any queries about free school meals, please contact the school office.  Again, this still needs to be ordered in advance.

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, please see this letter from Harrison and complete their Food Allergy Management Form, which must be returned to the school office.

Booking a School Lunch

All school lunches need to be booked three days in advance, regardless of whether you pay for meals or not.  You will need to choose and book the main course your child is going to have on a specific day. 

2. Click on ‘Make meal bookings

3. Select the week and ‘Make or view booking’

4.Select a main course for each day

5. Click on ‘confirm bookings

6. If required, you will be asked to make a payment for the items.

Full instructions  and further information here.

The menu is  currently rotated on a two week rolling basis.  

To order school meals, you will need to have activated your ParentPay account. Activation letters are sent to all parents on admission, but should you have any further queries, please contact the school office on 0208 390 9544.  If you have not yet activated your account, you will need to provide a packed lunch for your child.

Packed Lunches

Children without a booked hot lunch need to be provided with a packed lunch and a water bottle. This should be brought to school in a named lunchbox which can be easily stored. Please also include a fork/spoon if needed.

Please do not send cans or bottles of fizzy drinks, containers which might leak or flasks containing hot drink or food. Sweets are not allowed.

We have children with serious allergies so please do not include ANY items with nuts such as peanut butter or chocolate spread nor any other ingredients containing nuts. Crisps, biscuits and other such treats should be kept to a minimum, and given on a Friday only.

Lunchtime Supervisor

Danielle Legge