School Council

The School Council is a group of elected students from years 1-6 who meet every 2 weeks to discuss important aspects of school life. The School Council members are voted in each year. Each class elects two students to represent them; this makes up the School Council. 

School Council Aims

If students have any issues they wish to raise about the school, they should contact one of their School Council Representatives.  

The meetings are currently led by Year 5 & 6, who review actions and lead a discussion on points for improving life at Lime Tree. ​During the school council meetings, a number of points about school development are usually raised. These points vary from small suggestions like suggesting ideas for playground games to improving diversity to our curriculum. 

Activities during 2022-23

During 2022-23, school council members were on a mission to promote healthy eating at Lime Tree.  They designed posters which were displayed around the school and conducted research by speaking to many children from Reception to Year 6 in the lunch hall.  They took photographs of healthy lunchboxes and discussed why these were brilliant examples.

Afterwards, they fed back to their classes what healthy eating looks like and what it should consist of.  They were there to gently remind children that healthy eating is the best way to live a long life and were full of recommendations eg swap a bar for a fruit snack.

Plans for 2023-24

School council members will be thinking about different ways to support our local area and the environment.  They are also hoping to fundraise for Lime Tree's first friendship bench!