​"Every child is an Artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up."

 At Lime Tree, everyone is an artist. Yes, even you! Our aim is to give naturally creative children the skills to be able to express their creativity in a variety of different ways. 

 Art could be split into three different areas: Appreciating, Practising and Expressing. In school we look to other artists to inspire us, and discuss their work and methods. These may be famous artists, or even ones within our own school community. When we have looked at these artworks we then practise skills to help us when it comes to expressing ourselves in our own artworks. These three steps are all things you can do at home too, no matter your age. 

Online Resources

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EYFS Milestones


In Nursery, children will explore colour and colour mixing. They will begin to draw shapes that represent objects and gradually add more detail to their drawings. They will begin to use these media to convey feelings and record things they’ve seen or imagined.


Everyone is an artist

Getting better requires practise

Year 1 Milestones

-What is sculpture? Develop awareness of some sculpture artists. 

-What are natural materials? 

-Weaving - What was it used for/how is it achieved and why? 

-What is abstract Art? -Develop awareness of some abstract artists, compare and contrast them - e.g. Kandinsky and Picasso. 

-Children will know the Primary colours and will be able to describe them in some ways. 

Year 2 Milestones

-Aboriginal culture - what is it? Where does it come from? Why and when?

-To explore what sculpture is and develop an awareness of some famous sculptures. eg. Angel of the North

-Who was Henri Rousseau? 

-To respond to his artwork - how does it make you feel? 

-To understand the meaning behind some of his paintings. 

-What is the difference between portrait and landscape?

Year 3 Milestones

-What is indian art? Where does it come from? How is it similar/different to what you’ve seen before? 

-To understand some of the culture and traditions around indian art. E.g Rangoli Patterns. 

-To appreciate different artwork and styles. 

-What are tints/shades/tones? 

-To create sculptures using clay. 

-To know about Vincent Van Gogh. Who is he? Why is he famous? What is his style of painting? When did he paint? What was the style of painting?

Year 4 Milestones

-The history of jewellery 

-Investigate gemstones 

-Explore companies eg. Bulgari Jewellery Van Cleef and Arpels jewellery

-Who is Sonia Delaunay? To become familiar with her and her work. 

-To learn about Orphism 

- What is architecture?

-To explore and name some famous architects and buildings.

Year 5 Milestones

-What is chinese art? Where does it come from? 

-The importance of brushstrokes. 

-What is Calligraphy?

-What is the Terracotta Army? 

-Who is Frida Khalo? To learn how her cultural background influenced her artwork. To understand surrealism. To understand how she expressed emotion through her work. 

-What is a self portrait?

-To explore perspective and representation. 

-Explore Landscapes. 

Year 6 Milestones

To explore who Gustav Klimt was, what he did, where he came from etc. 

-What is Gilding?

-To explore graffiti writing and street art. 

-What is satirical artwork?

-How to Create and use stencils. 

-To explore different ways in which people can express themselves. E.g. clothing.

-To draw and explore different facial expressions.