Information Technology

Information Technology should be understood to mean the assembly, deployment, and configuration of digital systems to meet user needs.  

Often we use the phrase Computer Science and Information Technology to indicate the union of the two.

The Nature of Information Technology is the application of computer systems and the use of pre-existing software to meet user needs. It is the assembly, deployment and configuration of digital systems to meet user needs for specific purposes.

Technology has evolved rapidly in recent years with the emergence of multimedia computers, the internet and worldwide web, mobile Computing and web 2.0 applications, and will continue to evolve in the future.

Information Technology and Digital Literacy are two very interconnected strands, to the point where it is often hard to choose the strand into which a unit might fit. As it encompasses a very large amount and variety of different technologies, it would be a sisyphean task to attempt to list all the different skills that would be possible to acquire and develop. In our Skills Progression Map, we have tried to include the basic learning units and the main skill outcomes for each unit.

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Main Elements

What IT Involves