Specialist Resource Provision

Key Stage 1 (Reception - Year 2)

Frances Greenfield, Einstein Class Teacher In Charge (Job Share)

Elisabeth Padberg, Teaching Assistant 

Natalie Carley, Einstein Class Teacher In Charge (Job Share)

Jana Goldsack, Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Abhilasha Gairola, Teaching Assistant

Einstein Class

We talked about the famous scientist Albert Einstein and the children commented on the things they remembered about him

‘Albert Einstein was a famous scientist, who was born in Germany. He liked maths, science and space.’

‘He could be recognised by his white messy hair and moustache.’

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6)

Nina Arnaouti, Grandin Class Teacher

Casey Houghton, Teaching Assistant

Jordan Brodie, Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Tom Daplyn, Teaching Assistant

Elgita Shehu, Teaching Assistant 

Geetika Chauhan, Teaching Assistant 

Grandin Class

Temple Grandin is a famous professor. Her achievements are important to us and teach us about having a healthy body, brain and heart.

Grandin has written lots of books about how to treat animals in a kind way so that they can lead a healthy life.

 When Grandin was at school she invited a 'squeeze machine' that could give hugs to help calm people when they are feeling worried or stressed.

Grandin helped people to understand that noises and busy places can be scary.

When Grandin was at school, her teachers said that she had an amazing mind.

Grandin found learning hard and she showed people how to help her using pictures.

Grandin has lots of talents and she enjoys Science, making friends and likes to join clubs so she could try new things.