PTA - Friends of Lime Tree

As soon as your child joins Lime Tree School, you are a Friend of Lime Tree. We are an inclusive group of parents / carers, who want to raise funds and run events for the benefit of all children at Lime Tree School. If you’d like to get involved, please speak to one of the Committee Members listed below, your Class Rep, email or look out for letters via the school.

A massive THANK YOU from all of us for your support so far. We couldn’t raise the funds we do without each and every one of you supporting the children and the school.

What we have raised January- July:

Wear red for Valentine’s Day (during lockdown) - £160.50

Easter egg trail (The great unscramble!) - £255.00

Culture day - £217.70

Photography competition - £46.00

What we have raised this Autumn Term:

Change the rules day - £606.02

Scary wear & disco - £973.50

Christmas cards - £370.84

Fair and Cake Sale - £2552.36

Total funds raised this term - £4502.72

Some of the money raised will go towards the new Promethean whiteboards for the classrooms



Sophie (Mandela Class) & Michelle (Lister Class) are the Friends of Lime Tree Co-Chairs. Elected in January 2019, they are always happy to hear your ideas for how to raise funds for the school, and ways that we can support our children with those funds.


Sandrine (Jordan Class) is our SEND lead. As well as supporting all children to be able to access events, such as the inaugural Christmas Fair for SEND students in 2018, Sandrine also runs a SEND Support Group for parents/guardians at Lime Tree

Communication Lead

Nathan (Curie Class) is keen to help promote good communication between the school, parents, and the PTA, feeding issues and updates between all three to ensure positive outcomes for our children.

Other Committee Members

Tarryn (Jordan Class), Fiona (Weir class), Julie (Curie), Jade (Mandela) are also committee members. We all work together to ensure the events are a success, finding volunteers, and encouraging others to join in the fun.

Class Reps


Letty (Oliver Class) & Laura (Karmel Class)

Year One

Jade (Khan Class) & Fiona (Weir Class)

Year Two

Vacancy (Hamilton Class) & Michelle & Sandrine (Jordan Class)

Year Three

Sonia (Shumway Class) & Nathan (Curie Class)

Year Four

Michelle (Lister) & Vacancy (Hawking Class)

Year Five

Laura (Gates Class) & Sophie & Jade (Mandela Class)

Year Six

Melissa (Roddick Class) & Karen (Attenborough Class)

Fundraising Opportunities

Download ‘Easy Fundraising’ on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet, and you can raise funds for the school. When you go onto a supporting website, you’ll see a reminder to activate the Easy Fundraising Donation.

Order labels for uniform, and select Lime Tree Primary School at check out and they will donate 10% of the order cost to us.

For all your scooting needs: quote School Ref 137575 and they will donate 10% of the cost of your order to us.