Class name origins

Berry Class, Year Reception

We are Berry Class. We are in Reception. We are named after the cook, Mary Berry, who makes cakes, as well as healthy dishes to help us have a healthy body, brain and heart. We also are named after the fruit – berry! We know…

‘A berry is a fruit’

‘Berries are good for our bodies’.

‘Mary Berry is a cook’

‘My favourite berries are blackberries. They are juicy!’

‘Raspberries are juicy too.’

‘Some berries are red, some are black and some are blue, like blueberries!’

Khan Class, Year 1

Akram Khan is a great dancer. He was born in London but his family are from Bangladesh. He dances fast and tells lots of stories with his dancing using a Kathak and contemporary style. He has performed in lots of shows and even created a dance for the London Olympic opening ceremony in 2012. Akram Khan has won lots of awards for dance and Queen Elizabeth gave him a special award called an MBE for his excellent work.

Weir Class, Year 1

Our class is named after David Weir. He is a famous British wheelchair racer. He races for Great Britain and has won 10 paralympic medals, six of them are gold. David Weir was eight when he first started wheelchair racing. He is very fast and successful. He has also been called ‘The Weir-wolf’ and a ‘Paralympian Superhuman’. He was awarded a CBE in 2013.​

Hamilton Class, Year 2

Margaret Hamilton is an American computer scientist. She was one of the first computer software programmers. Hamilton was responsible for the software that allowed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to land on the Moon. Hamilton has received a number of awards and honors, including the 1986 Augusta Ada Lovelace Award for Women in Computing. In 2003 she was awarded the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Exceptional Space Act Award. Former President Barack Obama awarded her the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, in 2016.

Jordan Class, Year 2

Michael Jordan was born in America and played basketball. When he was in school, he did not make the basketball team as he was too short. Michael Jordan did not give up and kept practicing to become better at basketball. His team won three times in a row and he also won gold medals at the Olympics.

Einstein Class, Year R-2

We talked about the famous scientist Albert Einstein and the children commented on the things they remembered about him

‘Albert Einstein was a famous scientist, who was born in Germany. He liked maths, science and space.’

‘He could be recognised by his white messy hair and moustache.’

Curie Class, Year 3

We are called Curie Class. We are named after Marie Curie who was a famous Scientist. She won two Nobel Prizes! She had a healthy brain because she discovered important things and helped to develop X rays. I feel happy to be in Curie Class, because Marie Curie helped lots of people.

Shumway Class, Year 3

We are named Shumway Class after Norman Shumway, a doctor who helped save thousands of lives. He was the first person to do a heart and lung transplant successfully. He has a healthy brain because he did something new and a healthy heart because he did not give up and he worked hard to save lots of people. He was brave, kind, determined, smart, helpful and a hero and I feel proud and happy to be in Shumway Class.

Hawking Class, Year 4

Stephen Hawking studied space and helped us understand how black holes work. When he was young he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease called ALS. Doctors thought he would die in 2 years, but lived for over 50 more years. He used a computer to speak. Because of his condition he used a computer to speak and became famous for his iconic robotic voice.

Lister Class, Year 4

Joseph Lister is known as the ‘father of modern surgery,’ because during the early Victorian era, surgery was really a matter of life or death! Most surgeons did not take any precautions to protect open wounds from infection, such as washing their hands before operating, sterilising their equipment or even cleaning the operating tables. They were quite happy to live with the fact that many of their patients would die from surgery.

However for Joseph Lister this was unacceptable, because he knew that germs caused infections, so he began investigating ways to rid germs before operating. He discovered that soaking bandages in carbolic acid kept wounds clean. Lister’s methods worked and his patients healed properly with his new antiseptic treatment!

By 1879, Lister had saved many from dying in surgery. He was the second man in England to operate on a brain tumour, he developed repairing kneecaps with metal wire and he was Queen Victoria’s personal surgeon earning the title of Lord. Today Listerine, an antiseptic mouthwash, Health Care Centres and schools have also been named after Lord Lister.

Angelou Class, Year 5/6

Marguerite Annie Johnson Angelou, known as Maya Angelou, was an American author, actress, screenwriter, dancer, poet and civil rights activist. She is best known for her 1969 memoir, I Know why the Caged Bird Sings - the first nonfiction bestseller by an African American woman. Ahead of her time, Maya blazed trails for all women, especially women of color. Recognized worldwide during her lifetime, she remains a powerful role model through her actions and works today. She was active in the Civil Rights Movement and worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.​

In 2011 President Barack Obama gave Angelou the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Also, in May 2021, it was announced that Angelou would be one of the first women to be commemorated with a new series of quarters from the U.S. Mint.

One of her famous quotes is, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

Asher-Smith Class, Year 5/6

We are Asher-Smith Class.

Dina Asher-Smith is an athlete, a sprinter, who holds the British records for both the 100m and 200m. The fastest British woman on record! Not only is she an inspiration on the track, but she also attended King's College London to study history. Upon receiving the results, she called it "the best morning" of her life.

We can't wait to watch the Olympics in Paris - Good Luck Dina!​

Zimmer Class, Year 5/6

Zimmer class is named after the famous composer Hans Zimmer, who composed the music from Disney's 'The Lion King' (1994); Kung Fu Panda (2008); Pirates of the Caribbean (2007) and many more. Hans Zimmer also composed the theme for David Attenborough's Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II.

Hans Zimmer is from Frankfurt in Germany. Since ​1980, he composed music for many different films alongside Stanley Myers, who was also a composer. He has won many awards since 1977, which was when he started composing as a career. Zimmer owns two academy awards and four grammy awards. He uses the piano, keyboard, guitar and banjo in his music.

Grandin Class, Year 3-6

Temple Grandin is a famous professor. Her achievements are important to us and teach us about having a healthy body, brain and heart.

Grandin has written lots of books about how to treat animals in a kind way so that they can lead a healthy life.

When Grandin was at school she invited a 'squeeze machine' that could give hugs to help calm people when they are feeling worried or stressed.

Grandin helped people to understand that noises and busy places can be scary.

When Grandin was at school, her teachers said that she had an amazing mind.

Grandin found learning hard and she showed people how to help her using pictures.

Grandin has lots of talents and she enjoys Science, making friends and likes to join clubs so she could try new things.