In Year School Admissions

How to apply for an in-year place (at any time of year)

If you have recently moved into the area and would like to apply to come to Lime Tree, you will need to make an In-Year application using this form and return it to Kingston School Admissions who handle the school's admissions process:

Before you complete this form, please read the ‘Admission to a Kingston school as an in-year transfer’ brochure before making your application which sets out the application process and your responsibilities as the applicant. The ‘Kingston’s infant, junior, primary and secondary schools brochure’ provides information about all the state-funded schools in the borough.

If your child is offered a place we can arrange for a visit to the school. Please let us know of any specific requirements (SEN, medical or language needs) that your child may have prior to them starting school so we can best support them.

If your child is already in school and you're considering transferring him or her to another school, you should:

  • discuss it with the Headteacher of your child's current school

  • complete the in-year application form

  • ask the Headteacher to complete his or her part of the form

A child's education usually benefits most when they have continuity of teaching and learning in the same school. So we need your child's Headteacher to know your reasons for wanting to transfer your child and have the opportunity to discuss the transfer with you.

You should not withdraw your child from their current school until you have secured a place at an alternative school.