Governor Intros

Samuel Nguyen Hanes

Parent Governor & Chair of Governors

Term of office: 11th February 2021 to 10th February 2025

Self nominated, appointed by Lime Tree Governing Body

My background: I am a trained economist with 13 years' experience in public policy. management consulting and business administration. I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of the innovation charity, Nesta. In a previous role, I led a number of projects in schools looking for low cost, evidence-based solutions to increase parental support, attendance and pupil attainment. In my last few roles I have attended and reported to a commercial board of directors and a charitable board of trustees.

My interests: I grew up in a tough neighbourhood in Brixton and my first primary school was shut down by the local authority while I was in year 2. Years later, I was lucky enough to be awarded an assisted place to attend an independent secondary school. Of course, not every school can have the luxury of financial resources. Now that I have children of my own, I am passionate about making sure that they and their peers have an opportunity to be the best they can, regardless of personal circumstances.

Suzanne Patricia Cardillo-Zallo

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Vice Chair of Governors

Designated Governor for Safeguarding/ Child Protection

Term of office: 11/2/2021 to 10/02/2025

Appointed by Foundation/Trust

My background: For my day job I am a senior nurse working for the local community health organisation Your Healthcare, advising and supporting all the staff with child protection work. I am also involved in training staff and ensuring that Your Healthcare provides high quality and safe services for children and young people in Kingston. I am a member of the Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership and work very closely with colleagues from all organisations who work with children.

My interests: I have 3 children of my own who have now finished education, my youngest daughter and middle son are both at university and my oldest son who has learning disability and autism lives close to us in supported living. My interests outside of work are running, yoga and walking my dog on very long hikes. Myself and my oldest son trained together and ran the 2020 virtual London Marathon last year for the charity Mencap which made me immensely proud of him. It was his first marathon. I’m also very involved with the local group of Special Olympics an organisation which supports children and adults with learning disabilities to access regular sports training and take part in competitions.

Laura Badley

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Term of office: 02/10/2019 to 01/10/2023

Appointed by Foundation/Trust

My background: I have been working in the NHS for over 12 years and am currently a Director of Operations for a London Hospital. My work has required me to oversee the operational delivery of clinical departments, including supporting clinical teams with their strategic planning, introducing new services, meeting quality and safety standards for patients and financial management. Outside of my career, I have been actively involved in a number of charities focused on developing and providing opportunities for people with disabilities.

My interests: I am passionate about supporting people to do the best they can and living healthy lives in a healthy world. I am therefore very passionate about the ethos and mission of Lime Tree and am keen to support the school to deliver this. Alongside my work and being a governor, I enjoy being active outside, swimming, sailing, walking, cycling and some yoga to relax.

How I am supporting the school: I am the lead governor for Early Years and Physical Education.

Peri Williams-Ansah

Parent Governor

Term of office: 08/03/2021 to 07/03/2025

Elected Parent Governor, appointed by Lime Tree Governing Body

My background: I’ve been working in Education for the last 15 years, I currently teach from pre-GCSE all the way through to degree level.

I have a good understanding of the challenges placed on education establishments to fulfil the requirements of governing bodies (local and National), learners and parents/guardians. Teaching classes in both face to face and remote learning environments has been complex for many and I hope to be able to support in this area by sharing resources and best practices that I have acquired. I look forward to the opportunity to be more involved in the governance of the school and hope to make a positive contributions that will benefit all.

My interests: I have also been involved in coaching basketball for over 25 years within the borough and developing grassroots and competitive programmes (nationally and regional) for a wide range of participants.

Nick Saunders

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Term of office: 16/07/2021 to 15/07/2025

My background and interests: I currently work for Southwark Council. I manage and support transformative projects and programmes across the organisation, helping us to meet strategic objectives and legislative requirements, whilst also being considerate of budget constraints. I hope to apply these experiences as a governor at Lime Tree.

My mum is a teacher and my dad has been the chair of a governing body for primary school. Having seen the impact they’ve had through these roles, I am very passionate about improving children’s educational outcomes and experiences.

Outside of work, I play football every week, I have previously worked as a children’s football coach and hold the FA Level 1 badge.

Jack O'Neill

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Term of office: 16/07/2021 to 15/07/2025

My background: I have been working in education for the past three years, after graduating from Royal Holloway University of London in 2018 I was elected as the Vice President of Education at the Students’ Union before being elected as President of the Students’ Union the following year. During these two years, I worked on areas ranging from academic quality assurance and validation, enhancing inclusive education practices, student wellbeing, and student careers support. I have a passion for empowering students and pupils to have a say in defining their educational experience and believe that a well-rounded educational experiences allows all to flourish and achieve their ambitions. I also spent two years in a voluntary advisory capacity for the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency and now work for a University Network organisation on higher education policy and cross regional collaborations.

My interests: As well as having a passion and love for the power of education, I am an enthusiast for immersing myself in current affairs – whether this be through reading, getting involved in political campaigns, or watching political satire! I enjoy a whole host of sports (watching, playing and enjoying) and finding unique places to eat, drink and enjoy entertainment and taking in new cultures.

Mukul Bhushan

Local Authority Governor

Term of office: 13/12/2021 to 12 /12/2025

My background: I am a Chartered Accountant by training and have spent over 30 years in a variety of senior financial management roles in the private sector, principally in the Construction Industry. During the course of my professional career I have lived and worked in India, Africa and Middle East besides the UK. My family and I moved to the UK from India in 2000 and I have a very positive experience of my daughter (then six years old) being assimilated seamlessly into the UK state school system.

I have given up full time work and now would like to use my experience to support the school in financial management and decision making as required.

Jack Carden

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Term of office: 29/3/2022 to 28/3/2026

My background: I am a chartered accountant by trade with over 10 years experience in senior finance roles across a range of sectors including Audit and Financial Services. I am currently the Group Financial Controller for a large waste management company based in London. In my role, I enjoy working collaboratively with a range of departments across my company and communicating with stakeholders at all levels of the business. I look forward to getting to know the school, its staff and the wider school community during my time as a governor and playing a part in ensuring governance standards are upheld.

My Interests: I am a local resident and originally grew up and went to school in the borough, so I am very passionate about ensuring the high standards of education that I benefited from are sustained for the next generation of children growing up in this amazing area. Aside from this I enjoy spending time with my young family and doing my best to keep up with my ever more energetic pre-schooler! I am a keen gardener and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible, which is why the school ethos of ‘healthy body, healthy brain, healthy heart’ is so important to me when raising my family.

Richard Steer

Foundation Trust Governor, Surbiton Education Health Trust

Term of office: 29/3/2022 to 28/3/2026

I am a retired solicitor. After working for the Director of Public Prosecutions and several London firms, I took a sabbatical when I travelled overland to Australia and there for a while. On return to UK, I set up my own general practice in Teddington covering at various times, crimes, divorce, personal injury, neighbour disputes, commercial and domestic conveyancing and litigation.

I am married and have two adult children.

Both my parents were deprived of the standard of education for which they qualified and made some sacrifice to send me to a private school from 11 to 16 when I failed the 11+ due to a lack of any mathematical ability. I re-joined the state system at 16 and went onto college, a degree and qualification as a solicitor.

I believe that without a sound base in early years education, it is difficult to progress later. I hope I will be able to assist Lime Tree to provide the education to which every child is entitled.

Anne-Marie McIntyre

Staff Governor

Term of office: 11/02/2021 to 10/2/2025

Elected by staff

My background: I have worked in education for 14 years, mostly in early years and primary school settings; before that I worked in health and social care. I have supported children as a TA and ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant) and parents as a home school link/outreach worker, as well as more recently working in the school office (I am currently Receptionist at Lime Tree). I am passionate about working to support children and families to develop a lifelong love of learning.

My Interests: I am interested in inclusion, diversity, mental health and wellbeing. I have two children, one approaching the end of her secondary school journey and the other in University. Spending time with them is my favourite thing to do. I’m interested in the local area and supporting the development of local community. I’m also a potter.

Janet Hilton

Associate Member. Nominated by Local Authority.